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A fact of life

5 Jun

Since arriving in New York City, I have been continuously learning.

Whether it’s life skills like finding the best deal at a grocery store (I now understand why my mom is so appreciative of coupons) and making the responsible decision to go to bed at a reasonable hour even though there’s a whole newsfeed on Facebook to discover, or job skills like scheduling interviews and revamping the angle on a story, these past two weeks have been a huge learning process.

I know I posted a blog a few days ago about about life lessons, but I really need to touch on this one more time. (I promise, this won’t be too redundant.)

Amidst the numerous learning experiences I’ve already faced since coming to this concrete jungle, perhaps the most important lesson I’ve learned seems to be the most obvious:

People are people, no matter where you go.

I know, right? Good job, Catey. You’ve discovered that the human race exists world wide. But that’s not what I mean.

I’ve learned that no matter where you go, people act the same.

For example, Have you ever met someone else’s group of friends and you see your own friends “roles” in those other people? That’s what I mean.

I mean that walking down the street in the small town I grew up in (South Lyon, Mich., or, the “Dirty SL” if you’re a real native) and walking down the street in East Village really aren’t that different.

People are rushing around, trying to get to work or school or whatever on time. People are in good moods, bad moods and in-between moods. There are people that want to talk and make friends, then there are those who want nothing to do with anyone else.

You’ll find that no matter where you go.

For me, this realization has eased a lot of apprehension I had about moving to New York.

I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting, but as I go out everyday and see hundreds of new people, I realize that we’re all not as different as we may think.