Adventures in the culinary world

28 May

The past few days have been…interesting, to say the least. It’s become my goal to not only meet people but to discover what the locals do in this city for fun.

As odd as it is, I’ve met a majority of the people I now call friends in the elevator between the 10th floor (where I live) and the lobby. I guess all of those exercises in interviewing class about “elevator pitches” have really come in handy.

Pad Thai. So yummy!

Upon meeting these new friends, we do the stereotypical “Hi my name is so-and-so, want to grab lunch and talk?” So, needless to say, I have sampled quite a few eateries around the East Village.

I know in my last post I said street vendors were my new favorite food source, but I jumped the gun a bit.

I’ve always considered myself rather experienced when it came to expanding my palate, but I’ve recently discovered that I have been leading a very sheltered life in the world of food.

Spice– a Thai restaurant- is absolutely phenomenal. (Let’s just put it this way…there’s two of the same restaurant within 3 blocks of one another. It has to be a hit.) Also, I couldn’t tell you the name of it to save my life, but I went to an Indian restaurant last night, and though I couldn’t understand a single thing on the menu, everything I ate was great. All in all, if you’re planning to travel at all, I’d recommend eating at some of the local joints.

After all, when in Rome…


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