Doug Stanglin: A Blogger Who Tells It Like It Is

1 Feb

I followed blogger Doug Stanglin’s blog On Deadline for a week and he seems to have a handle on this whole “being a good blogger” thing. I mean, I’m just so experienced in this field that I could clearly judge his work, right? Wrong. Thank goodness I have a nice compilation of notes to help me separate a truly well-managed blog from something that would waste my time.

Described in his bio as a “news junkie,” Stanglin really lived up to his nickname. He blogged, in one week, about everything from international events such as the tragedies unfolding in Egypt or Russia’s monument to a former president to local issues like problems with parking permits in San Francisco and the American tendency to be too dependent on technology. And I’m not talking one or two posts…I mean upwards of 70 posts, (73 to be exact)  in a week. ONE. WEEK. That’s some dedication. Along with an array of other topics, Stanglin really focuses on issues people will care about. He obviously updates often- typically as often as 5 or 6 times in a day, so readers can count on him to cover the latest and greatest events.

One downfall I noticed about Stanglin is that he doesn’t seem to respond to reader comments frequently. True, he is well-liked and generates roughly 100 comments a day, but some reader-reporter interaction would have been nice to see. When he does respond, however, he provides clear and detailed reasoning behind his blogs. Discussions seem to get pretty heated on his comment forums- a sign that what he has to say truly matters to his audience.

One of the first things we discussed in class regarding blogs was the frequency of updates. The more often a blog is updated, the better it tends to be. Stanglin, as I said earlier, updates literally 5 or 6 times a day. I kind of get the sense that he sits at his computer eagerly waiting for something even mildly interesting to come his way, then immediately blogs about it before the competition can. Kudos to him…I’m not sure many of us have the dedication to do that.

Additionally, each of his posts have both a headline AND a body. Imagine that! No, but really, that’s important. Without a specific headline, I doubt Stanglin would have the amount of readers that he does. People won’t read something that doesn’t catch their attention immediately, so it’s basically an art to be specific enough in a headline to catch reader’s eye AND introduce the story.

As we all have known since elementary school; picture books are way better than books filled with words. Stanglin must keep our need for visual stimulation in mind when he blogs because nearly all of his posts include a graphic of some sort. He seems to be a big fan of panoramic pictures and side-by-side comparisons. Not only does this provide a visual to go along with the story, it breaks up some of the text in the longer posts. But hey, whatever his reasoning behind the photos is, I’m not complaining.

Overall, I really enjoyed Stanglin’s blog. Like I said, he’s really on top of his game and not much breaking news seems to get by without him blogging his opinion. True, he could work on commenting back to his readers, but we all have our downfalls, right? That’s the only thing I’d really have complaints about or would change. Other than that, he gives good information, provides it in a way that doesn’t bore readers to death, and covers the most important news of the day. Oh, plus he’s one of the main bloggers for USA Today. No big deal.

All in all, he’s doing his job- and doing it well.



One Response to “Doug Stanglin: A Blogger Who Tells It Like It Is”

  1. JD February 8, 2011 at 8:58 am #

    Holy cow. 73 posts in a week? This guy must be attached to his computer! I don’t think I would have the patience to get into his blog with that many posts. If I really liked it, I would want to go back and read all of his older posts. But with that many entries, I would not have time to read them all. If he is as interesting as you say though, it might be worth it to at least read some of them. I’m happy he includes pictures. People underutilize photos from what I’ve seen.

    Your tone in your blog was also amusing. I caught your sarcasm and it made me want to know what you were talking about, so I read further. I think you did a good job.

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